Medical Arts Hospital Home Health
This is the heart of who we are and how we serve.

Medical Arts Home Health Services

Medical Arts Hospital is recognized as a continuum of care provider. We are recognized for having the premier Home Health agency in the region. This hospital-based Home Health department was implemented in 1988 and has provided an incredible service to Lamesa and the surrounding communities. We serve patients as far away as 70 miles in 13 counties, including Lubbock. We provide total care and a wide array of outpatient services for patients in the communities of

  • Lubbock
  • Denver City
  • O’Donnell
  • Tahoka
  • Andrews
  • Big Spring
  • Seminole
  • Yoakum
  • Lamesa

Accessing Services

Skilled care such as nursing and therapies must be ordered and monitored by your physician. Other type of services such as help with personal care, assis-tance with activities of daily living and general help at home do not  always require a physi-cian’s order. You will need to partner with an RN or Supervi-sor to develop your plan of care based on your medical, physical

What We Believe

We believe that all people have basic physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs. How well we meet all of these needs  determines our patient’s  total health status. All people have a right to function at their optimal level of health and  independence in their own home.  We believe that aging is a  normal process of living and not necessarily a  period of mental and physical deterioration.  We believe that all persons should be treated with  respect and dignity. We feel that the death process  requires supportive care and that all patients with terminal illnesses should be allowed to die with dignity in a  setting they choose.

Ending Services

Medical Arts Hospice Care is no longer accepting patients as of October 7, 2017.
Medical Arts Home Care will no longer be providing services on November 3, 2017.