MRI Services

Explore our MRI services, which provide advanced medical imaging for precise and comprehensive visualization of your body’s internal structures. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our MRI services employ a magnetic field and radio frequencies to produce detailed images without any ionizing radiation exposure, setting them apart from CT scans. Whether you require a thorough examination of your brain, knee, shoulder, spine, abdomen, or vascular system, our advanced MRI technology guarantees exceptional clarity and accuracy, particularly in visualizing soft tissues. Embrace the accuracy and clarity offered by our MRI services today.

What Can I Expect During the MRI Exam?

At our cutting-edge MRI imaging center, a team of highly trained MRI technologists awaits to ensure your comfort and understanding throughout your magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) screening. They will guide you through the procedure, addressing any questions you may have. With a two-way intercom, you can effortlessly communicate with the technologist who will closely monitor your exam from the adjacent control room.

As the procedure commences, the table will smoothly glide into the magnet’s opening. Multiple MRI sequences will follow, requiring your stillness. Throughout each sequence, you may hear a tapping noise, indicating the progress of the imaging process. The number of imaging sequences will depend on the area of the body being scanned and the complexity of the study.

Unveiling extraordinary details that surpass other imaging techniques, MRI has the remarkable ability to display unseen intricacies. In certain cases, an intravenous injection may be administered to enhance tissue contrast for specific procedures. Rest assured; an MRI exam is painless and without any side- or after-effects.

Will I Be Exposed to Radiation?

Say goodbye to worries about radiation exposure during your MRI exam. Unlike traditional X-rays, our cutting-edge MRI technology operates without any ionizing radiation. Instead, it harnesses the power of a magnetic field and radio frequency to create exceptional images of your body. Experience peace of mind and exceptional diagnostic accuracy with our radiation-free MRI services.

How Long Will the Exam Take?

Curious about the duration of your MRI screening? Our streamlined process ensures that you’ll be in and out in no time. Typically, an MRI exam, designed to generate a comprehensive set of images, lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. For those seeking an exceptionally detailed study, a little extra time may be required to capture every intricate detail.

How Do I Prepare for the MRI Exam?

In most cases, no special preparation is needed. You may continue your daily routine, eating, drinking and taking medications as you normally would. Should your exam require any special preparations, the healthcare provider scheduling your exam will give you instructions.

All patients will be screened prior to entering the MRI suite. Metallic objects may be attracted to the magnetic power of the MRI, so no metal of any kind will be permitted in the exam room. You will be asked to remove all jewelry, coins, keys, bobby pins, credit cards, pocketknives and any other metallic objects before entering the exam room.

Some permanent eyeliner can cause injury, since makeup that contains metal flakes can heat and cause skin irritation. Consequently, women may be asked to wash removable makeup before the exam to avoid the risk of eye injury. Please note: tattoos also can contain metal dyes that can heat and cause skin irritation.

It is recommended that you wear clothing without metal zippers, snaps or buttons. If you prefer, you may change into a hospital gown prior to the exam.

Some patients may have metal inside their bodies. Before entering the MRI suite, please inform your technologist if you have:

  • A cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart valve or aneurysm clips
  • Any type of metal plate, prostheses, pin or metallic implant
  • An intrauterine device, such as Copper-7 IUD
  • Any metal fragments in your body (from a previous gunshot wound or from exposure to metal fragments on the job)

In some cases, patients with any of the above will be rescheduled for an alternative diagnostic exam. Our personnel will determine whether or not you should proceed with this type of procedure.

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How Will I Know the Results of the Exam?

Following your exam, a radiologist specializing in MRI will analyze and interpret the images from your exam and prepare a full report. This report will be sent directly to your physician, who will share the results with you. To request a copy of the report, you may contact your physician’s office or Medical Arts Hospital’s Medical Records Department at 806-872-2183.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

The physician’s office will either contact the MRI department to schedule your appointment or have you call and make the arrangements. If your physician asks you to make the arrangements, please contact us at 806-872-2183, and have your physician orders available when you call. We will need to know the type of MRI and the diagnosis your physician has indicated for the procedure.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me on the Day of the Exam?

Get ready for a hassle-free MRI experience by ensuring you have everything you need on the day of your exam. To make your visit smooth and efficient, remember to bring the following essential items:

  • Physician’s Order: Don’t forget to bring the physician’s order for your MRI. It’s a vital document that helps us tailor the exam to your specific needs.
  • Personal Identification: Please bring a valid form of personal identification, such as a driver’s license or identification card. This ensures accurate record-keeping and guarantees your safety and privacy throughout the process.
  • Insurance or Medicare Information: For a seamless billing process, bring any relevant insurance or Medicare information. Our dedicated team will assist you in navigating the necessary paperwork, streamlining your experience.

By arriving prepared with these important documents, you’ll save time and have peace of mind, knowing that our MRI technologists can focus on providing you with exceptional care and attention. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our MRI imaging services by taking this simple step before your appointment.

At Medical Arts Hospital, we prioritize your health by offering cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering precise and detailed imaging. Trust Medical Arts Hospital for unparalleled MRI services that elevate your healthcare journey. Contact us today and witness the transformative power of advanced imaging technology.