Are you seeking a remarkable opportunity for your rehabilitation journey? Look no further than the esteemed swing bed program—a Medicare initiative designed to provide quality step-down rehab services at rural health care facilities. 

Qualifying for Swing Bed Placement: Embrace Your Path to Rehabilitation

To embark on this transformative experience, individuals must meet specific criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Skilled Nursing and Rehab Need: The first step towards swing bed placement requires individuals to have a genuine need for skilled nursing and rehab services. We’re here to support you on your path to recovery.
  • Inpatient Acute Setting: To qualify, you must have spent a minimum of three midnights in an inpatient acute setting. Please note that observation stays do not meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Related Diagnoses: Your diagnoses should be directly linked to your previous inpatient admission. Our dedicated team will ensure a comprehensive understanding of your unique medical needs.

How to Request Swing Bed Placement: A Seamless Process for Your Rehabilitation Journey

Ready to take the next leap? Contact our experienced Case Management Department at (806) 872-5727 Ext. 3152 to initiate the process. They will guide you through the necessary paperwork and facilitate the collection of medical records for review and placement.

While swing bed availability is subject to change, our team is committed to helping as many individuals as possible. In the event that you don’t qualify or there are no current beds available, rest assured that we’re here to explore alternative options tailored to your needs.

Once admitted to the swing bed program, you’ll receive regular evaluations every seven days to ensure a qualifying stay. Medicare generously covers the first twenty days, with an additional 80 partial paid days available—provided you meet the eligibility criteria. The minimum stay is seven days, and the duration will depend on your continued qualification.

We are committed to providing exceptional rehabilitation services and personalized care to help you achieve optimal wellness. Trust Medical Arts Hospital for all your swing bed needs. Contact us now to begin your journey towards healing and recovery. We look forward to helping you thrive in our swing bed program.